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LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)

Canadian employers who wish to hire a foreign worker may apply to  Labour Market Impact assessment with Service Canada, LMIA formerly was known as Labour Market Opinion.

In this process Employer and Employee both needs to eligible to get the approvals, In simple words LMIA means that the Employer is not able to find suitable Employee for a designated job in canada so he want to hire a eligible foreign worker.

Once the application from employer has been submitted and a a positive labour market impact is assessed, it has to be submitted by the employer to CIC for a work permit.s

Canadian employers who wish to hire a foreign worker may apply to  Labour Market Impact Assessment with Service Canada and can get a Foreigh worker recruited ….

Types of LMIA & Main Streams

Canadian Employers can apply for an LMIA under 8 main stream, It is necessary to select the right type of LMIA, there are several important requirements which must be met it includes employers eligibility, job advertisement and the applications forms needs to be filled. 8 Stream are as follows :

  • Low Wage LMIA

  • High Wage LMIA

  • Agriculture

  • Seasonal Workers

  • Talent Stream LMIA

  • LMIA supports PR

  • Caregivers LMIA

  • Dual Intent LMIA

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